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Pioneered and successfully tested EaaS model by industry pioneers:


Since 2014, DEP founders have worked together to develop, pilot and expand its EaaS business process, economics and associated contracting documents, completing EaaS projects in the US and Puerto Rico

Teamwork in the office

Currently focusing on PR and the Caribbean region:


PR emerged from bankruptcy in March 2022 and the government sets aggressive mandate to reduce carbon emissions by 40%, making the1,000+ government buildings, the public buildings for its 78 municipalities and ~400K businesses (as well as ~1.1M homes) a large and ready market for energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy with its power rate currently at over 30 cents/kWh (~3 times continental US average)

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Connecting Wall Street to Main Street to expedite building carbon reductions:


We focus on bringing customers, technology providers, installers and financing companies together in the most timely and innovative manner, and typically 100% of the project investments can be provided by third party sustainability financing organizations which together have committed over $150M to DEP’s projects

Industrial Smoke

Our EaaS model has been successfully proven in Puerto Rico (PR):


DEP founders have together retrofitted, with its EaaS model, more than 250 buildings including the PR’s leading university system and its second largest hospital system, and established unequaled credentials to retrofit more public and private buildings going forward

Empty hospital room


We see Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model (retrofitting buildings with more efficient and clean energy equipment paid through energy savings or benefits) as a critical and underrepresented element for both reducing carbon emissions as well as unlocking enormous financial benefits for government and businesses worldwide


DEP aims to be a leading EaaS platform company to vastly accelerate the world’s path towards Net Zero Energy and our customers’ Energy Independence by providing total energy technology solution through project integration and innovative financings, primarily through our EaaS agreements


James Tu
  • 27 years of professional, global investment and management experience that covered a broad spectrum of global asset classes, with a particular focus in investing in, financing, advising and building climate tech and building energy technology companies since 2011

  • Previous experience at: Smith Barney, Dolphin Asset Management, Gerstein Fisher, Energy Focus, Fusion Park.

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua and M.B.A. in Finance from Baruch College; Chartered Financ Analyst (CFA); Certified “ESG Investing Professional” by CFA Institute; Winner of 2016 “EY Entrepreneur Award”; Elected “Top 100 Sustainability Leaders” in the U.S. in 2021 from Energy & Environment (“E+E 100”)

James Tu
Co-Founder & CEO

IMG_0085 copy.jpg
  • 35 years of professional investment banking and investment management experience, including energy and clean energy financing since 2003

  • Previous experience at: Merrill Lynch, Bankers Trust, UBS, Cisco Asset Management,, Source Capital Group.​

  • B.S. in Economics and Business Administration from University of Delaware

Bill Butler
Co-Founder & President

  • 25 years of broad marketing and business development experience across Puerto Rico public, private, industry association and nonprofit institutions, including energy efficiency retrofit and renewable energy development companies since 2003

  • Previous experience at: U.S. DOT, U.S. DOE, Eli Lily, American University of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico, Banco Santander,​Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Trade

  • B.S in Marketing from University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and MBA from University of Phoenix

Annie Mustafa
Director of Business Development


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